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Principal's Message

Winter 2017
As promised, Escondido Adult School
is happy to produce once again,
three course catalogs so that our
students and potential new students
can become more aware of the
programs our school has to offer. This
was a commitment made as a result
of the school’s recent accreditation
visit and from comments made by
both staff and students. While this is
a very busy time of year, please take
the time to look at some of the new
course offerings available, as well as
the ongoing programs for which the
school is noted.
As a result of Escondido Adult School’s
participation in the Education
to Career Network of North San
Diego County, the 2016–17 school
year has been off to a great start.
We are continuing to explore and
invest in multiple ways to support
student transitions and to remove as
many barriers to student success as
possible. Some of the plans that are
in the process of implementation
during the next few months include:
a device check-out system for
students who do not have their
own computers; additional tutoring
services; expanded childcare
services in the evening; and a fi eld
trip to Junior Achievement’s Finance
Park where students can learn about
financial literacy.
Being in the midst of the holiday
season, the entire adult school staff
wishes all of you the best with hopes
to see you in the new year.
Dom Gagliardi