Human Resources

Kim Bodie
Kim Bodie (School Social Worker) is excited to be part of the district level social work staff! Her specific focus is on foster and homeless youth in the district and the at risk population at all school sites. She is well-versed in client advocacy and case management, having previous experience as a school therapist. Kim holds a Masters in Social Work, with an emphasis in school social work, from San Diego State University.  
Stephen Yi
Stephen Yi (Director of Information Technology) has also joined the Escondido Union High School District this year. His responsibilities include managing all technology resources in the classroom, as well as the district level. With a concentration on infrastructure, Stephen helps to ensure the tools and software are operating correctly to support student learning. He is passionate about expanding the effective use of technology by both parents and staff. Stephen has an extensive background as a technology coordinator and has recently relocated from New York. 
 Amy Booth
Amy Booth is the new Literacy Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). This position will allow Amy to work alongside teachers to oversee the implementation of Common Core Standards in the classroom. She will serve as a coach for teachers, and will also be working to develop literacy standards in the district. Amy is well-versed on current matters in education, knowledgeable of the Escondido Union High School District, and familiar with implementing new ideas and standards- as she was previously an experienced teacher at San Pasqual High School with many leadership roles. 
Bryan Meyer
Meet Bryan Meyer: the new Mathematics Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA). As a Mathematics TOSA, Bryan collaborates with math teachers across the district to positively impact student learning. This requires collaborative goal setting with teachers and a variety of coaching strategies that help connect those goals to research-based "best practices" in mathematics education. Often, this entails meeting with individual or teams of teachers to set goals, co-planning lessons, observing or co-teaching, debriefing, reading research, organizing and/or leading professional development that encourages everyone involved to examine their teaching more closely. Bryan has a background as a math teacher, helping him to know firsthand the challenges and realities of the working teacher and how they might best be assisted. 
 Janet Hwang
Janet Hwang (English Language Development Specialist) is eager to fill this newly created position working closely with the English Language Learners and the programs offered to them on each campus. If a student is not proficient in English when entering their school, they receive support through various programs offered at each site.  Janet’s experience in education at the district and state level makes her well prepared to create a meaningful position to enhance student achievement, while sharing her expertise. 
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Last Modified on February 2, 2015