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DLA Honored by CASH
Del Lago Academy – Campus of Applied Science received the Leroy F Greene Award of Honor by the California Coalition of Adequate School Housing (CASH) for its design, sustainability, construction and learning environment. The campus, situated on a prominent hill in western Escondido, facilitates an academic curriculum concentration in medicine and bio technology. Through extensive community planning, the site respected neighboring residential neighborhoods and preserved the natural topography by reducing grading and habitat disturbance. The carefully designed educational spaces help facilitate collaborative and personal educational studies where technology can be significantly featured and be accessibly used. Lab spaces are functioned to be fully flexible to the evolving science environment, where students can work on a wide-range of projects during given periods of time. The ground hosts an SDG&E 173 kilowatt solar panel system, with the ability to send clean energy to 100 homes in Escondido. Being 37% more efficient than building code requirements, the school earned a rebate by SDG&E’s Savings by Design program; lighting leverages natural daylight and a reflective roof naturally cools the campus.
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Last Modified on May 29, 2015