• Introduction to Prop T

    The Proposition T bond measure is to assist EUHSD in funding critical capital improvements at Escondido’s high school campuses to ensure that all students attend schools that are safe, healthy, quality learning environments.

    The $98 million bond will not only help to modernize the campuses, but it will also assist the District in obtaining state matching funds to accomplish the following:

    • Construction of science and computer labs
    • Modernization of outdated equipment/facilities
    • Reduction of overcrowding on campuses
    • Improvements to campus safety, security and energy efficiency
    • Replacement of aging portables with permanent classrooms
    • Additional classrooms to improve student access to college and high demand jobs
    • Construction of small high school with a Biotech/Medical focus

    Proposition T Key Objectives

    • Reduce overcrowding
    • Increase interventions
    • Repair and replace aging equipment
    • Expand educational options
    • Personalize the learning environment through smaller learning communities
    • Increase science, math and technology access
    • Remove aging portable classrooms and enhance permanent facilities
    • Enhance facilities to more effectively deliver curricula with emphasis on career and technical educational options
    • Maintain and enhance safety and security of campuses
    • "Green" solutions in new and remodeled facilities

    Proposition T Ballot Language

    Brief History of EUHSD

    More than 8,500 students attend classes in the Escondido Union High School District. Another 10,000 individuals are enrolled throughout the year in Adult Education classes and Regional Occupational Programs (R.O.P.). Located in Escondido, California, the District was founded in 1894. EUHSD supports three comprehensive high schools — Escondido, Orange Glen, and San Pasqual — in addition to Valley (Continuation), and Adult Education. You can learn more about our district by visiting the other sections of our website.

    Oversight Committee

    The purpose of the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (ICOC) is to inform the public and the Governing Board that bond funds are spent within the intent of the Proposition T Bond measure. They are to actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction.

    The ICOC is charged with not only monitoring the expenditure of bond revenues, but to also publically report on the performance of the bond program, and that the construction projects are completed wisely and efficiently. Members were appointed by the governing board of the school district from a list of candidates submitting written applications, and based on criteria established by Prop 39.

    Master Schedule

    The Program Master Schedule is a working document that will be updated periodically or when deemed necessary so as to reflect various changes. The schedule is to assist the bond team in understanding the timing of specific events within the overall plan of action, and identifies the projected start and finish dates of specific design, planning and construction activities. It is intended to be guide and not intended to be an exact projection of those dates.

Last Modified on February 1, 2011