• EUHSD Facilities Master Plan

    The District’s vision for facilities is to provide appropriate educational facilities that create an environment supportive of both teachers and learning within a safe and orderly setting. Part of the process of understanding a district’s facility needs is the generation of a Long Range Facilities Master Plan. This master plan becomes the guiding document to plan, develop and maintain the facilities throughout the District.

    As part of the process of communicating the District’s need to secure funding via a General Obligation (GO) Bond, the District established a Facility Master Plan. To assimilate the information necessary to carry out this task it was essential to involve and obtain input from the public and taxpayers association. Using flyers, surveys, community presentations and community meetings, the District was able to work with the public and taxpayers association to develop a mutual understanding as to the District’s current and future facility needs.

Last Modified on February 1, 2011