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Purchasing EUHSD Contracts Process

Contract information is to be submitted to Purchasing, using the “Contract Review & Approval Form ,” three (3) weeks prior to the desired start of the contract. Please take into consideration the possible need for Board Approval when the contracted services are above $10,000.00. The Purchasing Department will determine the correct contract to utilize and submit for signature. The Purchasing Department will return the fully executed contract to the requesting party, and at that time a requisition is to be entered into PeopleSoft by the requesting party with the contract attached (if there is a cost associated).

Items needed with your requisition:

  • Quote/Proposal or Vendor submitted contract
  • Statement of work
  • Attach W-9 (if new vendor)
  • Start Date of contract
  • Brief description of the need for the services or licensing

Attached you will find the process in a step-by-step chart and the form to be used . Please contact Nick Brizeno, , 760.291.3223, with any questions on the process.