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Major Information Technology Changes for Escondido Union High School District

Summer 2015

Please be aware that major information technology changes are coming for the 2015-16 school year. These changes are outlined in the FAQs below regarding network log-in, computer/network optimization, email, and increased access to files… For the past few months we’ve been proactively making plans to transform and improve our district network systems. We firmly believe that switching to a different network platform (from Novell to Microsoft) is the right path to take. Your continued support and cooperation is appreciated… updates to follow including training information.

Navigate to our training/support pages in the navigation bar on the left side of this page under Office 365.

If you have any questions please email either one of us directly. Damon Blackman ( or Stephen Yi (


Why are we doing this?

To provide a more robust, manageable, cost effective network infrastructure for easier, unified access to your files and email anywhere, anytime.

What will be different?

We are upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft Office and taking advantage of its cloud based features such as collaboration. You will still log into the network on site just like we do now. You will use Outlook to access your email. Your files will be securely stored and backed up in the cloud where they will be accessible from any Internet connected device. Email addresses for staff and students will use the format. It is expected that our username (what appears before the @) will remain the same. The district web address will be

When will this take place?

We will deploy components of this plan in waves with the ultimate goal of starting the 2015-16 school year with all of these systems in place. We will target June 5, 2015 to switch over to our new email address, giving staff opportunities to train before they leave for the summer.

When will my current email address stop working?

Our GroupWise and Gmail accounts will remain active for at least 6 weeks after the start of the 2015-16 school year so users can inform others of this change. During this transition phase it is expected that users check both email accounts, but use the new address.

Is Google Apps for Education (Google Docs/Drive) going away?

No. Staff and students can continue to use Google Apps for Education.

Are there additional benefits for using Microsoft Office 365?

Yes. Each staff member can download and install Microsoft Office for free on 5 personal computers (Mac/PC) and 5 mobile devices (Android/iOS). This offer extends to all of our students in the district.