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Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30 to 4:30
2017-18 School Calendar

Business Services Risk Management & Safety

Welcome to Risk Management, working directly to help ensure the districts assets (students, staff and property) are protected against injury or loss. We strive to inform, educate and prepare for safe operations, avoiding costly accidents that might result in the diversion of funds away from the classroom. Together, our efforts help maximize the resources available for student success. Areas of responsibilities include:

CPR & First Aid Training

Free CPR & First Aid classes are available for EUHSD employees only. All classes are held in the Board Room at the District Service Center. Classes begin promptly at 7:30 A.M. – late entry is not allowed. Participants should bring a pen and any food or drink you wish to consume. Dress comfortably – you will be moving a lot and working on the floor.

Classes are limited to 8 people. You must register prior to the class by contacting BJ Cain at (760) 291-3238 or bcain@euhsd.org.

Classes may be canceled or combined due to low registration. You will receive notification via e-mail regarding any changes to classes you have registered for. If you cannot attend a training you have been confirmed for, please contact BJ Cain immediately so an employee on the waiting list can fill the vacant spot.

2016 – 17 Class Dates:

  • 4/26/2017 (FULL)
  • 5/31/2017
  • 6/28/2017
  • 7/26/17 (FULL)
  • 8/23/17 (FULL)
  • 9/26/17 (FULL)
  • 10/11/17 (FULL)
  • 10/25/17 (FULL)
  • 11/8/17 (FULL)
  • 11/29/17 (FULL)
  • 12/19/17
  • 1/24/18
  • 2/8/18
  • 2/21/18
  • 3/21/18
  • 4/25/18
  • 5/23/18
  • 6/27/18

Monthly Health & Safety Tip for November 2017

Handwashing fights infection.

  • Washing your hands in cold or warm water is just as effective as using hot water.
  • Wet hands can spread germs more easily than dry hands or unwashed hands. The CDC says the amount of moisture left on your hands determines how many germs are transferred to surfaces, skin and food.
  • To remove dirt and germs from your hands you need to lather well with soap, and rub your hands, fingers and fingernails vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Rinse well and dry well with a clean towel. Use a towel to turn off the faucet.
  • The most common places for germs to live on humans are in fingernails, hair and small folds of skin. After touching these places, you may transfer germs to your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • When using hand sanitizers, an adequate rubbing time is 15 seconds.