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Welcome to Risk Management, working directly to help ensure the districts assets (students, staff and property) are protected against injury or loss. We strive to inform, educate and prepare for safe operations, avoiding costly accidents that might result in the diversion of funds away from the classroom. Together, our efforts help maximize the resources available for student success. Areas of responsibilities include:

Health & Safety Tips for January 2020

Mental Training

Studies suggest that practicing mindfulness can change our brains in ways that produce positive thinking and engagement, and ultimately help us cope with physical or emotional distress.
Mindfulness meditation involves focusing purposefully on what you’re experiencing, in the moment, without judgement. This includes awareness of your body sensations as well as awareness of your thoughts and feelings. It uses breath and body practices that relax the body and mind to reduce stress.

15-minute easy ways to practice mindfulness:

  • Do a body scan focused on any tensions or stress
  • Meditate as you focus on relaxing your muscles
  • Focus on your breathing and allow it to become relaxed as it relaxes you

Forms of exercise, how they work for you

Aim for 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity (30 minutes, 5days/week). Mix it up, daily chores, formal workouts and sports all count!

Aerobic (cardio) Strength Training Stretching Balance
Works your heart, lungs, and muscles – aids in overall endurance and weight loss Maintains and builds muscle – protects your bones, control blood sugar, aid weight control and balance, and reduce stress and strain on your back and joints Aids flexibility, the key to staying mobile and working well without pain or injury – reduces muscle fatigue and stiffness, restores energy and improves thinking Strengthens your core to help prevent falls – practice standing on one foot, one minute per day to maintain stability

Workplace safety resolutions for a safe and healthy 2020

  • Inspect PPE prior to use; discard damaged PPE and replace
  • Take 5 minutes at end of work day to clear clutter and inspect work area; coworkers can also take turns inspecting each other’s work station for hidden hazards
  • Stand and stretch at least every hour if sitting is a required part of your position
  • Review your workplace fire evacuation route and note where the fire extinguishers are located
  • Avoid heavy lifting; use a hard cart or ask for assistance