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Welcome to Risk Management, working directly to help ensure the districts assets (students, staff and property) are protected against injury or loss. We strive to inform, educate and prepare for safe operations, avoiding costly accidents that might result in the diversion of funds away from the classroom. Together, our efforts help maximize the resources available for student success. Areas of responsibilities include:

Monthly Health & Safety Tip for January 2018

Outsmart Winter Weight Gain
For many folks it starts with the winter holidays. We add pounds at holiday parties and family gatherings. This can also be a stressful, busy time when we lose the incentive to fix healthy meals and exercise.

  • Eat for energy. Smart food choices can help reduce fatigue and control hunger and stress levels. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein sources, as well as drinking water, provide sustained fuel.
  • Keep track. Record what you eat and drink, how much and when for a few days to spot diet patterns.
  • High-energy snack picks: Plain Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts and seeds, nut butter with vegetable sticks, sliced turkey with bean dip.
  • Try frequent, small meals and snacks. People who do tend to have steadier energy and a lower likelihood of weight gain than people who eat 2 large meals a day.
  • Don’t leave eating well and exercise to chance. Plan meals & schedule your exercise – fit in something physical every day. Being active throughout your day can reduce stress and curb overeating.