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Educational Services Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning

Learning is at the heart of all we do in the Escondido Union High School District. In order for students to learn at the highest levels, the educators who serve them must also engage in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement. Our world is changing faster than ever and, therefore, our educators meet regularly to engage in inquiry, action research, data analysis, planning, implementation, reflection, and evaluation.

As a district-wide professional learning community all educators engage in professional learning at every level from the individual teacher to district-wide large group initiatives and everything in between. The following actions which take place primarily at the school-site level with support from district, site and teacher leadership are at the heart of what drives our educators’ learning:

  • The use of data to determine student and educator learning needs
  • Identification of shared goals for student and educator learning
  • Professional learning to extend educators’ knowledge of content, content-specific pedagogy, how students learn, and management of classroom environments
  • Selection and implementation of appropriate evidence-based strategies to achieve student and educator learning goals
  • Application of the learning with local support at the work site
  • Use of evidence to monitor and refine implementation
  • Evaluation of results

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