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Access to technology is vitally important for success in the digital age. Keyboarding, Internet safety/ethical use, researching, using productivity tools (Microsoft Office), and collaborating online are essential skills in the 21st century. Each year, more and more teachers assign work that is very challenging to complete without access to technology,. This is especially true when students don’t have access to a working, Internet-connected computing device.

The EUHSD provides the following technology to students:

  • A laptop, Chromebook, or iPad for EVERY student for use in their English, social science and science class.
  • A graphing calculator checked out to EVERY student in Math 1, 2 and 3 (and ALL students enrolled in math by fall 2018)
  • An Office365 account, which includes a school email account and FREE access to Microsoft Office 2016 online and desktop versions
  • Free access to Wi-Fi while at school (with parent permission) on student-owned devices
  • Independent study/credit recovery/credit acceleration via online courses through Learning Centers

Here are some technology resources for families:

  • Sprint 1 Million Project – In partnership with Sprint Communications, the EUHSD provides FREE Internet access to EUHSD students in need. Students can connect their own computer, tablet or smart phone to a Sprint “hotspot” and receive unlimited Internet access to complete their homework while they are 9th-12th grade student in the EUHSD. For more information, contact Damon Blackman 760-291-3235 or email
  • Computers 2 San Diego Kids Name-brand refurbished computer systems (computer, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, software) for $80 (desktop) or $100 (netbook) for EUHSD families who participate in Free/Reduced price lunch programs.
  • Cox Connect2Compete High speed Internet for $10/month, free installation, no contract, no equipment fee for EUHSD families who participate in Free lunch programs (Sign up anytime 855-222-3252 or at computer sales events)
  • Internet safety, online privacy, home computer settings, social media, and more!
  • EUHSD Social Media Policy
  • Check grades online (StudentVUE / ParentVUE)

EUHSD Educational Technology for Students