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Educational Services Enrichment Activities for Distance Learning

During this time of extended closure, teachers will not be continuing to teach their course material.  We are essentially “pressing pause” on the curriculum from where we left off on Friday, March 13, with a plan to resume from that point when school is back in session.

However, in the meantime, the District remains dedicated to ensuring educational excellence for every student. During school closures, our hope is that learning will continue. This is not a replacement for classroom instruction. These activities are not required nor will they be graded.

In the meantime, our goal is to provide learning materials and activities that can help students do the following things:

  • Review material that they may have already covered, but not yet mastered.
  • Practice skills for learning and content area proficiency
  • Engage in enrichment activities or independent projects in a particular subject area.
  • Identify an area of interest in a subject area to research and explore.

The following list of suggested learning opportunities was developed considering a variety of students, including students with IEPs and students who do not have access to technology or other resources. These opportunities are examples of extension learning activities. There are many great resources to help students to stay engaged academically while at home.

These learning opportunities are supplemental and designed to keep students connected with their teachers, the content, and the skills they need to resume school successfully.  They are not meant to replace our core curriculum and instruction.

Please know that our administrators and faculty are committed to serving students and helping them get the best education possible.  When making these decisions, leadership within the Escondido Union High School District is working to consider as many circumstances and factors as possible, and our approach is reasonable, sustainable, and equitable for all students.


English Language Arts

Students can access the SpringBoard textbook online and Zinc for additional reading practice.

Download the Libby app to access ebooks from the San Diego County library. Use your zip code to authenticate that you live in the county.

This site includes student-friendly articles from publications across the country. Students may already have access to Newsela as a member of a teacher’s class. New accounts can be created for free by clicking the join button.

Practice your listening skills while exploring the voices of everyday people. If you feel inspired, create your own podcast about what you’re seeing and experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poetry Foundation Logo

Explore the power of poetry, read poems, and learn more about poets by visiting the Poetry Foundation’s website for teens.

PBS Learning logo

PBS Learning Media provides enrichment activities for all subject areas. For English Language Arts you can learn a little more about To Kill a Mockingbird or see Shakespeare come to life on the stage.

Audible by Amazon logo

This subscription audiobook service from Amazon is now offering some titles for free for kids and teens during school closures.

Ted for Ed Logo

Watch a few short Ted Ed videos on Writing and Composition to better understanding writing conventions, then build your writing skills with some online practice. Sign up for a free student account at No Red Ink to practice important writing skills through online tutorials. You don’t need a class code to join, just an email address.


Website from Stanford’s youcubed foundation. Great links under the task tab and information about Growth Mindset in math classes. Free student course available. Good for parents and students.

Great set of fun math problems for the whole family.

Resources, not just math, for families. Click on the math link within or scroll down to the Math table for a variety of great links for all ages.

Practice skills while playing games! Who says math shouldn’t be fun?!

A curated selection of resources about the mathematics behind Covid-19. Each link has a set of questions that can be useful in thinking about the mathematical modeling described in the links.

Wonderful collection of youtube videos exploring familiar and not-so familiar mathematical topics.

Khan Academy offers exercises, quizzes, and tests so students can practice and master skills, as well as instructional videos to help students learn or review material. Added resources are daily schedules, SAT practice and materials for reading and math for K-12.


These hands-on experiments or demonstrations are safe and easy to do with things around the house. They will amaze parents, grandparents and children alike!

Make sense of the novel coronavirus through relevant topics and find general science support for your virtual classroom or learning together at home.

Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. Physics Girl has videos for every atom and eve.

Virtual Learning opportunities through live webcams of animals, interactive simulations, and virtual visits to exhibits in the museum. Binge watch their YouTube Channel that includes their latest research. Also, check out their webinars, like this one on colorful sea creatures.

This channel of science and engineering videos features experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science.

Students can find links to online simulations, labs, and free streaming episodes of the PBS science program, NOVA. Mysteries of Sleep is streaming to watch now or Virtually Transplant a Heart.

Students can listen to podcasts about our natural world. Here is a set of recommended episodes to get started:

Social Science

This YouTube channel was founded by John Green and his brother. Topics cover a broad range of curriculum areas such as economics, history, science, math, and art.

Exploring government and civics is gamified with iCivics. Learn more about elections, court cases, and your own rights as an American.

Click the learn button for an Interactive Constitution.

This site includes student-friendly articles from publications across the country. Students may already have access to Newsela as a member of a teacher’s class. New accounts can be created for free by clicking the join button. Use this site for staying up to date on current events.

These PBS resources are for teachers and students. Launch an interactive lesson like the “It’s No Laughing Matter: Analyzing Political Cartoons” or “Power of Propaganda during World War II” to learn more about a topic.

Museums across the world are closed to the public but open virtually with online tours and activities. The Lourve is one of many museums to check out online.

Build your geography skills with this interactive online game.

World Languages

Select the language that you speak/your native language, and the language that you want to learn. You will be able to choose from dozens of options, based on your current level in the language that you want to learn. Many of the lessons focus on real-life scenarios to teach the language in context.

Books in Spanish

The Spanish-language articles on Newsela help to support students in Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes as well as students in Spanish I, II, and III to develop their literacy skills.

English Language Learners

This website engages students in language development with an emphasis on grammar.

This site has grammar, pronunciation, readings, and picture dictionary exercises.

This site has grammar and vocabulary videos, podcasts, quizzes and written text.

The Spanish-language articles on Newsela help to support native Spanish speakers’ primary language development.

This site contains audiobooks, news stories, short stories, songs and radio dramas. Choose between faster or slower listening speeds and read along with the texts of the stories and songs. For intermediate and advanced learners.


PBS Learning Media Logo

This site offers a variety of videos that introduce contemporary artists who discuss their careers and demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts in Visual Arts, Dance, and Music.

YouTube avatar for JJ Krosoczka

Artists all over the world are offering free classes on platforms like You Tube, Facebook Live, and Instagram. A quick online search can connect you with painters or cartoonists to learn from and with. Draw Everyday with JJK is produced by author and illustrator, Jarrett J. Krosoczka.

Guggenheim Museum logo

The Guggenheim Museum is offering access to hundreds of art books while the museum is closed to the public. You can also find virtual tours on the website.

Disney Imagineering Logo

Free online program brings together the diverse talents of Disney Imagineers around the world for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

How To Read Music Logo

This You Tube site includes a curated list of instructional videos to help you learn to read music.

Ted for Ed logo

Explore these short, animated videos to learn more about art forms, artists, and artistic expression.

Google Street Art logo

Engage with these guided tours to view street art from around the world.

Ted for Ed Logo

Visit this website for access to musicals and plays you can watch online.

Special Education

Functional living skills lessons for our Moderate/Severe students. M/S teachers need to create student accounts.

Customized reading experiences with ebooks in audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, large font, and other formats. To gain access for your student, contact the Director of Special Education with the student’s name.

A collection of free visual recipes and other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.

Physical/Mental Well-Being

Girls’ Health and Happiness

YouTube The Body Coach Logo

Wicks said his free workouts would be very similar to the sessions that were planned as part of his school fitness tour, with a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), involving exercises such as star jumps and squats. He said that the exercises were supposed to be easy, fun and suitable for children as young as two right up to teenagers.

Open Physical Education logo has an “Active Home” module that is designed to get students and families active at home together. Resources are being updated regularly to increase distance learning opportunities.

Down Dog App Logo

In response to the many school closures taking place, we are also offering free access until July 1st for all students and teachers (K-12 and college). EUHSD domain has been registered.


Daily Writing

  • Start a journal in which you record your feelings and thoughts daily
  • Write rich descriptive paragraphs based on observations of daily life during this unique time
  • Write a short story to read to your younger brothers and sisters
  • Write song lyrics

Daily Reading

  • Students can maintain their reading skills through
    • Family Book Club
    • Reading Novels
    • Reading the newspaper daily
    • Reading graphic novels/comic books

Physical Education

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Stretching
  • Go (Remember Social Distancing Guidelines)
    • For a walk
    • On a bike ride
    • For a hike
  • Follow a televised exercise program


  • Play card games Rummy, Concentration, etc.
  • Use geometry to make a kite or a paper airplane
  • Make Dinner Together
  • Choose a recipe for dinner that requires measurements of ingredients
  • Build a model:
    • Plane
    • Car
    • House
    • Roller Coaster
    • Make a Bird Feeder
  • Kitchen Chemistry (make slime, vinegar and baking soda experiment)
  • Make paper airplanes
  • Make your own board game
  • Build Card Castle
    • Cards
    • Tooth Picks
  • Make a movie
  • Create your own comic book
  • Origami
  • Build an obstacle course
    • For yourself
    • For your younger brothers, sisters, etc.
    • For a marble or toy car
  • Create a time capsule, fill it with art, letters, favorite items and then hide it to open in two years, five years, ten years, etc.

Organization, Resourcefulness & Well-Being

A website built to inspire grit, teach students how to find resilience. There are multiple tools available, from self-assessment to journaling and art opportunities.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Resource number page-San Diego Chapter.

Tips and activities to discover your inner strength.

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Find connection and support using a variety of interactive games.

An online bank of resources and articles to support relationship/mental health/addiction questions.

An article about what anxiety is, how it manifests in teens, and how to cope.

An article that highlights how teens can stay organized.

General Resources

2 Minute Classroom video created specifically to help students in set and achieve goals.

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines. We’ll learn about the how the brain uses two very different learning modes and how it encapsulates (“chunks”) information.

A variety of museums around the world are making their virtual tours accessible for students and families during this time.

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This is a great resource that includes a variety of virtual field trips for students and families from the San Diego Zoo and other animal webcams, to exploring the surface of Mars.

Helpful checklists and links for families about navigating rules to stay healthy and safe during times like the current.

College & Career Planning

A list of links to Career/College Major research tools, Apprenticeships, Assessment tools.

OGHS counseling website

SPHS counseling website

EHS counseling website

EHS counselor contact

A page that is being periodically updated with new information about how AP and SAT tests are being affected by COVID-19.

A list of due dates for seniors who have been admitted to UC schools.

A comprehensive site that allows users to take a career interest inventory, search for occupations, and learn about careers.