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Student Services & Programs Nurse’s Note: Message to parents of returning students

Message to parents of returning students

Health services require forms and paperwork are updated each school year. In general, most providers are able to complete these forms if they have seen your child within a reasonable amount of time and have the information available to complete the form without an appointment. The time frames may vary depending on the severity of your child’s condition and the policies of your healthcare provider. However, it is highly recommended that you have your child seen by a physician at a minimum of once a year for a physical examination.

In order for the health services team to provide the best support at school for your child, please complete the forms before the first day of school. This also applies to documentation that your child NO longer has a condition. Also, please be sure to have any medication they may need turned in prior to the first day of school.

If you do not have a healthcare provider for your child please check out our information under our parents tab.

Immunizations changes for transfer students: Students transferring to a different campus, even within the same school district must have met all the same immunization requirements of a new student. Please be sure that your child has all immunizations. Bring their shot record to the school nurse to approve to avoid delays in school enrollment. The comprehensive list of immunizations is found in the following letter.

School Health Services Team

Margaret McLean MSN, RN, PHN
District Nurse
Phone: (760) 291-3007
Fax: (760) 741-1846

  • START Program
  • IEP Health Reports
  • 504
  • Staff Training (Medical team participant procedures & conditions)
  • Medical Procedure Compliance
  • IHP (Classroom health care plans)
  • Guidance for home hospital resource

School Health Services Staff

Escondido High School

Lisa Courduff LVN
Student Health Specialist
Phone: (760) 291-4080
Fax: (760) 741-1935

Health Office Clerk
Marissa Glaser
Phone: (760) 291-4081

Orange Glen High School

Leticia Gonzalez LVN
Student Health Specialist
Phone: (760) 291-5080
Fax: (760) 839-9270

Cynthia Martinez
Health Office Clerk
Phone: (760) 291-5081

San Pasqual High School

Caroline Akers, RN
Student Health Specialist
Phone: (760) 291-6080
Fax: (760) 745-1834

Health Office Clerk
Cindy Rippee

Phone: (760) 291-6081

Del Lago Academy

Marylou Villasenor RN
Student Health Specialist
Phone: (760) 291-2581
Fax: (760) 746-0453

Valley High School

Mon & Wed 8 – 12 pm
Phone: x2253