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Educational Services Technology Partners

We are pleased to partner with these companies that provide technology resources to families in need.


Sprint 1 Million ProjectSprint 1 Million Project – In partnership with Sprint Communications, the EUHSD provides FREE Internet access to EUHSD students in need. Students can connect their own computer, tablet or smart phone to a Sprint “hotspot” and receive unlimited Internet access to complete their homework while they are a student in the EUHSD. For more information, contact your school’s Parent Liaison or Damon Blackman 760-291-3235  





Computers 2 San Diego KidsComputers 2 San Diego Kids Name-brand refurbished computer systems (computer, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, software) for $80 (desktop),  $100 (netbook) or $150 (laptop) for EUHSD families who participate in Free/Reduced price lunch programs.



Cox Connect 2 CompeteCox Connect2Compete High speed Internet for $10/month, free installation, no contract, no equipment fee for EUHSD families who participate in Free lunch programs (Sign up anytime 855-222-3252 or at computer sales events)