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Human Resources Benefits

Janet Aiona
Supervisor, Employee Benefits & Information
Phone: (760) 291-3288
Fax: (760) 741-1883

Andrea Perreault
Personnel Assistant
Phone: (760) 291-3286
Fax: (760) 741-1867

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VEBA Member Advocacy
--Claims & Authorizations, Access & Quality of Care & Prescription Issues
(888) 276-0250www.vebaonline.com
Kaiser Permanente(800) 464-4000www.kp.org
United Healthcare(888) 586-6365www.myuhc.com
Express Scripts(800) 918-8011www.express-scripts.com
Optum Health Chiropractic/Acupuncture(800) 428-6337www.myoptumhealthphysicalhealthofca.com
Best Doctors(866) 904-0910www.members.bestdoctors.com
Optum Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP)(888) 625-4809www.liveandworkwell.com
Access Code: veba
Delta Dental (Premier)(800) 765-6003www.deltadental.com
Vision Service Provider (VSP) Plan(800) 877-7195www.vsp.com
--Dependent Care FSA
-- Health FSA
Customer Service: (800) 950-0105
Claims Department
Fax: (877) 782-8889
Email: claims@takecareclaims.com
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