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Human Resources: Certificated Staff General RISE Information

Please see the RISE Teacher Candidate Handbook for more detailed information


The Teacher Induction Program is a two-year program consisting of mentoring, support and professional learning designed to meet the needs of beginning teachers. The program provides collaborative, individualized support for all induction candidates through an individualized learning plan in order to support teachers in their growth of teaching practices.

Throughout this program, Teacher Candidates receive individualized support, advanced professional development and 1:1 mentoring from an experienced, veteran teacher. Candidates will be assigned a mentor within the first 30 days of enrollment in the program. Program components include: development of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of enrollment in the program that is aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs), cycles of inquiry that demonstrate reflection about one’s teaching practice with supporting evidence, and self -assessment on the CSTP that demonstrates growth towards mastery of the CSTPs.

The Teacher Induction Program supports each candidate through an ILP designed to demonstrate growth in the CSTP. The ILP is designed solely for the growth and development of the candidate, and not for evaluative purposes.

This is a two-year program; however, an Early Completion Option is available for qualified candidates.

Admissions Eligibility and Requirements for Induction

To participate, teachers must meet the following credential and employment requirements:

  • Multiple Subject, Single Subject or Education Specialist Preliminary Credential OR
    • Out of state credential with less than two years of contracted teaching experience.
    • OR a code on the California Teaching Credential that the teacher must complete a state-approved Induction Program
  • Employment in a certificated teaching assignment in the Escondido Union High School District.

Please note that interns, teachers holding a clear credential, CTE or Designated Subjects credentials, and substitute teachers are not eligible for the EUHSD RISE Induction program.

General Program Activities

  • Weekly reflective meeting with mentor
  • Observations by mentor
  • Peer observations
  • Attending Induction seminars and workshops
  • Engage in cycles of inquiry that demonstrate reflection about one’s teaching practice with supporting evidence
  • Orientation meeting at beginning of year and an end of year Colloquium

Program Completion:

At the completion of the RISE program, Teacher Candidates will be recommended for a California Professional Clear Credential.

Teachout Plan

In the event that EUHSD decides to close the Teacher Induction program, current candidates will be able to complete the program. Current Year 2 Candidates will conclude at the end of the school year and complete the requirements needed for a clear credential. Current Year 1 Candidates will advance to Year 2 in the ensuing school year and complete the requirements needed for a clear credential. New hires will not be able to enroll into the EUHSD RISE program, and will be referred to local university Teacher Induction programs such as UC San Diego Extension and San Diego State University.

RISE Contact Information