• Young Professionals Organization LogoStudents: As a member of the Young Professionals Organization, you will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills, inform other students about the benefits of taking a College, Career, Technical Education (CCTE) course and help to raise the awareness about CCTE courses to key audiences including parents, educators, businesses, service organizations and the community.

    Purpose of YPO

    1) Why have the Young Professionals Organization?

    • Inform all students about the benefits of taking CCTE classes
    • Provide real-world opportunities for current CCTE students to develop leadership skills
    • Raise the level of awareness about CCTE amongst key audiences including parents, counselors, businesses and community

    #1 Reason according to focus group results:  Students react to and retain information best from their peers.

    2) Teacher/Supervisor Guidelines –What is their role?

    • Site administrators are critical to the success of YPO
    • Training assistance
    • Identify projects/opportunities for the year
    • Develop/communicate key messages for all programs
    • Evaluation

    3) Young Professionals- Why should they participate?

    • Resume builder
    • Opportunity for possible extra credit
    • Certificate designating them as an “official member of YPO”
    • Participate in annual recognition events
    • Help other students to benefit from CCTE

    4) Young Professionals Organization: How do you involve students?

    • Develop flyer about the program to hand out in classes
    • Hold informational meeting with students by industry sector
    • Selection process

    5) Young Professionals Organization: What is their role?

    • Visit English classes each Spring
    • Middle School Visits (targeting 8th graders prior to or with counselors)
    • Open House on campus
    • Community Events/Fairs/Showcase
    • Speakers Bureau (local service clubs/organizations)
    • Career Fairs

    Membership Application

    To apply for membership in YPO, please download our student membership form (PDF). When complete, please submit the application to your CCTE teacher. After review, finalists will be contacted for an interview.

Last Modified on April 5, 2017