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Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Instructional Plan

Q. Are state tests still taking place this year?

  1. In the Assessment Spotlight, Issue 85, dated March 20, 2020, the California Department of Education provided an update about statewide testing this school year. We are not to worry about any statewide testing this school year. The California Department of Education (CDE) is doing the following:
  • Suspending all CAASPP testing
  • Suspending Summative ELPAC testing
  • Placing the Physical Fitness Test on hold until students return to school
  • Placing high school equivalency testing on hold until testing centers are reopened

In addition, if a school is back in session, the expectation is that the Initial ELPAC will be administered to students for initial identification, as required by California Education Code Section 313(a). However, Senate Bill 117 extended the timeline to conduct the Initial ELPAC by 45 days. Local educational agencies should continue to assess newly enrolled students whose primary language is not English when they return to school. This will ensure that new students who are English learners can receive the appropriate instruction and services.

The CDE will continue to make available the following resources to support teaching and learning:

  • Practice tests, training tests, interim assessments, and Digital Library formative assessment tools and resources for CAASPP
  • Practice tests and training tests for ELPAC

Q. What is happening for students taking courses at Palomar College (OGHS & EHS)? Will they resume?

  1. Some EUHSD students are enrolled in Dual Enrollment Classes at Palomar College during the school day. Palomar college classes are closed from March 23 – March 28, 2020, but will resume on Monday March 30, 2020. All Palomar College courses will be delivered remotely. Palomar instructors will be contacting their students via email. It is vitally important that students frequently check their email for updates. Students who are seeking academic support or other basic need resources, should please visit the Student FAQs and our Quick Guide to Student Services. Palomar instructor, student services staff and other departments are available to answer questions remotely and can be reached via email or phone. Division and department directories are available on Palomar has designed a new TeachAnywhere website for our faculty which contains resources and FAQs.

Palomar will work with EUHSD dual enrollment students on accessing Canvas (LMS), PeopleSoft, and Palomar email.

Q. What is the plan for students in Advanced Placement? Will the tests take place?

  1. Yes, the College Board has published a plan for students to test at home for this year, should they be interested in doing so.

For the 2019-20 exam administration only:

  • College Board is developing secure 45-minute online free-response exams for each course.
  • The exam content will focus on what most schools were able to complete by early March.
  • Students will be able to take exams on any device they have access to—computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students also have the option to write responses by hand and submit a photo.

College Board is offering free resources will be available through exam day to help students get ready. Additionally, any student registered for an exam can cancel at no charge. EUHSD is working on updates on how student may request a refund.

College Board is releasing free AP review classes. Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, students can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses:

  • Are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you.
  • Will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time.
  • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons covering the final 25% of the course.

More information on courses can be found here:

Q. Why do we need to pick up our laptop from our schools?

  1. As we shift to teacher-facilitated distance learning across our district, we will be participating in professional learning and collaborating together next week and engaging with students virtually beginning April 14. By using your district-provided technology, our technology department will be able to assist you better, and you will more easily be able to integrate and access our district provided software solutions.Any certificated staff who already have all materials at home to work do not need to come in. If you have special circumstances and need help picking up your equipment, please contact your site principal.

Q. What other items might I take home? Am I allowed to take IEP documents?

  1. We encourage staff to pick up any files they may need to effectively facilitate distance learning with their students. Staff are welcome to take home files such as IEP-related documents, student work received by March 13 to be graded, etc.As a reminder, staff working remotely should continue to be aware of Personally Identifiable Information – whether electronically or on paper. If you are handling paper with any Personally Identifiable Information at home, you should properly shred it when no longer needed. These documents should not go out with general trash or recycle bin so that we are avoiding any issues of data breech during this time.

Examples of Personally Identifiable Information include:

  •  Social Security Number
  • Personal addresses (if needed to be secure)
  • Health related information (HIPAA related)
  • Confidential information
  • Sp. Ed. or IEP related student information
  • Student personal information

Q. How are the devices (laptops, mifi hotspots) being tracked?

  1. IT currently has a database for tracking EUHSD inventory and is working on a system to ensure student devices are also tracked. The eventual goal is to have these devices tracked in Destiny Follett as we do with student textbooks.

Q. Is there a cost factor involved in the device deployment to students?

  1. At this time, we are using Chrome Books and laptops currently owned and in use on our campuses. There is no cost involved in the laptop deployment. We are purchasing additional “hotspot” devices to ensure we have adequate services for our students.

Q. Is there a firm date of device return?

  1. As schools are closed indefinitely, we have not yet set a date of device return. We anticipate this being very similar to textbook return timelines and procedures. The actual timeline will depend on a variety of factors that are currently under consideration statewide.

Q. If a device is not returned, is there a recovery process?

  1. We anticipate this being very similar to the textbook process. Students who do not return a textbook have an obligation on their account and are responsible for returning it.

Q. Can students go to different schools to pick up a laptop if they are not able to attend the one at their school?

  1. No, students should attend the distribution at their own assigned school site. We are exploring additional deployment opportunities after spring break should there be additional need.

Q. If I have student work that I collected on or before March 13, what do I do with it? Do I include it in the student’s grade?

  1. Yes, all work due on or before March 13, 2020 is eligible to be included in the student’s grade. We encourage teachers to grade the work and include it in the progress grading period (2S-Progress 2), to be posted on or before April 13, 2020.

Q. Has the protocol for posting grades for 2S-Progress 2 grades changed?

  1. No, the process will remain the same as typical. The grading period will be opening Monday, March 30 and closing Monday, April 13, 2020 at 12 p.m. Teachers, please be sure to meet this deadline, as we will be encouraging all students and their families to check their grades on April 14. These grades will be available by Tuesday, April 14 for students and families to access via StudentVUE and ParentVUE. If you are having technical difficulties posting grades, please contact Alfredo Amador at (760) 291-3268.

Q. Do I have to grade student work under the Distance Learning model, beginning April 14?

  1. Yes, the intent is that all students, in all courses, have the opportunity to raise their grades higher than they were as of March 13. Teachers should clearly message to students which assignments provided under Distance Learning will be graded and considered for raising a student’s grade.

Q. How does “hold harmless” work in Synergy gradebook?

  1. For work completed after March 13, do not add these in as regular, new assignments. This could have an unintended consequence of lowering other students’ grades. The recommendation is to add any new work in as “extra credit” or simply replace previous assignments with a new, higher grade. If assigning extra credit, the teacher is encouraged to be mindful of the overall points possible to make points appropriately proportional.If using “Category weighting”: Consider extra credit assignments in each category, as appropriate, to balance the grade. (E.g. if testing is worth 50% of the grade, a comparable assignment should be provided for extra in this category as well as in all other categories.)If using “Total points”: a teacher may create as many extra credit assignments as desired.

Q. How does the “hold harmless” approach pertain to our campus online and independent study courses?

  1. Campus Online and Independent Study courses (e.g. Edgenuity/E2020) are included in the March 13 grade guidance. Students may accept the grade they have earned up to that point or may continue working in the course in order to raise their grade. This includes students who started a course on or after November 4, 2019 and have been continually working on it since being enrolled.Students who were enrolled in the course for less than 20 school days as of March 13 (after February 17, 2020) may continue in the course in order to earn credits. Students who are added to Edgenuity courses for credit attainment or credit recovery moving forward will be expected to complete the courses to earn credits.

Q. What if I have a student who has a “no mark” from a prior term?

  1. Students who are working on clearing “no marks” from prior terms (e.g. Fall semester) should complete the required assignments to earn credits and clear the “no mark.” March 13 has no bearing on “no marks” earned in previous semesters.

Q. How do I make calls from my personal phone without giving away my cell number to students and parents?

  1. We recommend several methods for conferencing with students and/or parents:
    • Microsoft Teams (calls made with email addresses, using Teams app, if both parties have the app)
    • Begin dialing with *67 to block your number from caller ID
    • Set up a Google voice number – this allows two-way communication with parents/students without sharing your main personal phone number. Currently this is only available to people with personal google email accounts.
    • IT continues to research additional solutions.

Q. What is my role as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) now that we are in Distance Learning?

  1. The general guideline for each teacher, each period is to plan for two hours of support to students each week. In the case of TOSAs, the two hours should be spent primarily supporting in the way you might have when we were face-to-face.
    • For example, content area TOSAs could provide coaching, professional development, co-plan/co-teach, and other items in the Content Area TOSA job description for 2 hours each week, per TOSA section. They would be available to other teachers/staff just as teachers are available to students—in a wide variety of models, with a plan communicated as to accessibility and supports.
    • Other TOSA positions would work within their scope of assignment, such as providing intervention support to students, checking on students, and supporting teachers and staff.

Q. Are we still issuing the State Seal of Biliteracy to seniors who qualify?

  1. Yes, we have placed the order for the seals already.

Q. Are we still able to give out SAT/ACT fee waivers? Would we be able to perhaps take a picture of the fee waiver or email the code to the student per eligibility?

  1. No, as these tests have all been either canceled or postponed, we are not currently issuing the fee waivers.

Q. Are conferences/travel requests still being processed? What is the timeline?

  1. At this time we are moving forward with local travel requests for June and beyond, pending a review of the particular cancellation policies. Until temporary teachers are formally rehired, please do not arrange for summer training. We will not be processing hotel/overnight travel stays at this time. Online forms exist for travel request approval and should be routed via email through the appropriate channels.

Q. Are student field trips still being processed?

  1. At this time we are moving forward with local field trip requests for July and beyond, pending cancellation policies. Until temporary teachers are formally rehired, please do not arrange for their attendance on field trips. We will not be processing hotel/overnight travel stays at this time. Online forms exist for field trip approval and should be routed via email through the appropriate channels.

Q. I found a great online resource that I’d like to use with my students. If I purchase a license, will the district reimburse me?

  1. No. The district has a variety of software licenses and resources for teachers to use with their students. If a teacher finds another resource they are interested in, they may use a free version to pilot. However, individuals are not authorized to purchase licenses and be reimbursed for them. If you’d like support in finding a similar solution with software provided by the district, please email Damon Blackman.

Q. How is the district taking care of paying bills for previously made purchases?

  1. We are continuing to process payments for orders/invoices and mailing out payments to vendors once a week. We encourage anyone who is aware of any outstanding invoices to forward them to Business Services, so we can check the status of payment.

Q. Are we still able to make new purchases?

  1. Yes, we are still within the Business Services’ timelines for placing orders. Sites would need to place requisitions and get them approved in PeopleSoft. Selected staff have been provided with remote.


    • April 17th – All purchase requisitions must be entered and approved in PeopleSoft. Any requisition approved beyond this date will be individually reviewed by Purchasing for consideration within this school year or returned to be held for the following school year.
    • May 15th – Contracts for services to be completed by June 30th and Travel/Conferences that require payment before June 30th must be processed and approved.
    • June 5th –Last day to purchase using Blanket Purchase Orders
    • June 30th – All items purchased under the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Budget must be physically received in the warehouse.

Q. I made purchases prior to the closure. Is someone available to receive them? How do I go about obtaining those items?

  1. Initially we did pause all orders, so nothing has been received since we closed, but we are going to start receiving orders after Spring Break. We do not plan on delivering items to schools until they are reopened.