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VIDEO: College, Career & Technical Education Showcase at Westfield North County

Westfield North County

Escondido Union High School District provided the opportunity for students from the various industry sectors to share their experiences from their College, Career, and Technical education classes recently at a community event at Westfield North County mall. The students provided projects they created, skills devolved, and lessons learned. The College, Career and Technical Education programs enrich life after high school by integrating academic and technical skills for colleges, trade school,or entering workforce.

Escondido high school students showcased projects they created in various career classes, the College, Career and Technical Education Showcase event featured over 15 industry sectors including: 

o  Agriculture and Natural Resources

o  Arts, Media and Entertainment

o  Building Trades and Construction

o  Education, Child Development and Family Services

o  Engineering and Design

o  Fashion and Interior Design

o  Health Science and Medical Technology

o  Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

o  Information Technology

o  Manufacturing and Product Development

o  Marketing, Sales and Service

o  Transportation