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Youth Certified Nursing Assistant Program, Class of 2015

#EUHSDexcels EUHSD would like to congratulate 15 of our high school seniors who were selected to attend our summer CNA class. These students will earn 10 elective credits and will also be licensed by the State of California to work at patient care facilities ranging from hospitals, retirement centers, hospice and home health. These candidates were selected from a group of students who successfully completed our year-long course, Healthcare Fundamentals and Healthcare Essentials. For the past year, these students attended classes after school at their home EUHSD campus. When they complete the program at the end of the summer, eight employers in Escondido have said that they are eager to hire our nurses. This program was made possible through a partnership with EUHSD, Escondido Adult School, Escondido Education COMPACT, and Las Villas Del Norte Retirement Center.
 Congratulations to the following students:
Jennifer Diaz
Vanessa Ferriera-de la Torre
Cynthia Garcia
Arlette Granados
Katia Gyetvai
Elisa Ledesma
Cinthia Martinez
Syona Menard
Julie Moreno
Ermelinda Perez
Lucero Ruiz
Jenny Salas
Stephanie Solano
Shalom Velasquez
Jesus Vidaca
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