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2023-2024 EUHSD Online Registration

New Student Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is completed online via the ParentVUE portal. If your family is new to the Escondido Union High School District, follow these steps to complete online registration:


Step 1: Contact your student’s school of residence to complete a “Student Information Form,” then return the completed form to the school. The form is used by the school to create a basic demographic record of the student(s) and parent(s).

Step 2: After you submit the required form to the school, the school will provide the parents/guardians with the credentials necessary to activate their online ParentVUE portal accounts.

Step 3: Ensure that at least one parent/guardian has a valid email address. A valid email address is required to create and access the ParentVUE portal account.

Step 4: Gather all required documents.


  • Proof of residency (including, but not limited to, any one of the following). Required for ALL students.
    • Deed to a home
    • Escrow papers to a home (proof of deed must follow)
    • Property tax receipt
    • Regular driver’s license (not temporary or modified) with residency address
    • Current receipt for deposit with the local utility company and/or receipt for bills paid to a local utility company, i.e. propane, SDG&E. (street address of property must be included)
    • Rental Agreement or rental receipt
    • Bank checkbook with imprinted name and address
    • Other government or business document which reliably establishes current residence, as determined by the District
    • Credit card statement that contains name and address
    • Statement from a delivery company (UPS, Federal Express)
    • Declaration of residency executed under penalty of perjury
    • Pay stub
  • Birth Verification (any one of the following): Required for students who are new to the district.
    • Baptismal or Church Certificate
    • Birth Certificate or Affidavit
    • Hospital Certificate
    • Immigration Document

Step 5: On a computer,  to activate your account.

Step 6: Login to your new ParentVUE account then complete AND submit online registration.


Online registration MUST be submitted by the parent AND reviewed and accepted by the school registrar BEFORE the student’s first day of school.


If you have any questions about online registration or you would like support activating your ParentVUE account or completing online registration, contact your student’s school:

ParentVUE Activation/Online Registration Support

School Phone Contact Email
Del Lago Academy (760) 291-2559 Priscilla Martinez E-mail Priscilla Martinez
Del Lago Academy (760) 291-2520 Juan Vargas E-mail Juan Vargas
Escondido High School (760) 291-4059 Kelly Murphy E-mail Kelly Murphy
Escondido High School (760) 291-4040 Kara Furguson E-mail Kara Ferguson
Escondido High School (760) 291-4040 Imelda Rodriguez E-mail Imelda Rodriguez
Orange Glen High School (760) 291-5059 Diane Landreth E-mail Diane Landreth
Orange Glen High School (760) 291-5040 Rocio Ramos Rodriguez E-mail Rocio Ramos Rodriguez
San Pasqual High School (760) 291-6049 Andrea Valle E-mail Andrea Valle
San Pasqual High School (760) 291-6040 Priscilla Macias [email protected]
Valley High School (760) 291-2246 Maricela Ramirez [email protected]
Valley High School (760) 291-2240 Maria Rios Tahuilan [email protected]