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California Content Learning Standards

 The Escondido Union High School District is dedicated to ensuring all its courses and programs are aligned to the latest state approved learning standards and implementation frameworks in order to ensure students are prepared for the full gamut of post-secondary opportunities.


Below you will find direct links to all of the CA Learning Standards for each content area.


California Content Learning Standards and Framework Resources and Links:
Source: California Department of Education Content Standards


English Language Arts

Grades 9–12, English Language Arts/Literacy
Word version of Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (DOC; 3MB)
Grades 9–12, English Language Arts/Literacy (Spanish)


Grades 9–12, Mathematics
Grades 9–12, Mathematics (Spanish)

English Language Development

English Language Development 2012
Kindergarten–Grade 12
Kindergarten–Grade 12 (Spanish)

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education (Updated January 2013 Prepublication Version)

Computer Science

Computer Science Content Standards Development

Health Education

Health Education Content Standards March 2008 (PDF; 1MB)
Word version of Health Education Content Standards (DOC)

History-Social Science

History-Social Science, Adopted October 1998 (PDF)
Word version of History-Social Science Content Standards (DOC)

Model School Library

Model School Library Standards, Adopted September 2010 (PDF; 1MB)
Word version of Model School Library Standards (DOC)

Physical Education

Physical Education Model Content Standards, Adopted Jan-2005 (PDF; 2MB)
Word version of Physical Education Model Content Standards (DOC)


Science Adopted, September 2013

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards Revision

World Language

World Language Content Standards Development

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