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Educational Technology

Technology for Students 

Today’s digital learner must be prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving technological world that empowers student voice and ensures that learning is a student-driven process. 


The EUHSD provides the following technology to students:

  • A Windows 10 laptop (EHS, OGHS, SPHS) or iPad (DLA) for EVERY student in need.  VHS provides class sets of laptops
  • An Office365 account, which includes a school email account and FREE access to Microsoft Office 365 online and desktop versions
  • Free access to Wi-Fi while at school (with parent permission) on student-owned and district-owned devices
  • Independent study/credit recovery/credit acceleration via online courses

Blended Learning

The EUHSD has begun to implement “Blended Learning” in some classrooms. Blended learning is where part of instruction and learning takes place in a traditional classroom setting and some occurs online with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace. This allows for 24/7 access and more individualized approach to learning.  Here are a few of the digital tools we use for blended learning (Coming Soon).


Ed Tech Tools for Students

CanvasCanvas Learning Management System gives students access to learning anytime anywhere.  Teachers can share resources, discussions, assignments, quizzes and more online through the Canvas LMS.
EdgenuityEdgenuity is an online course curricula platform with individualized teacher instruction, custom support, and flexible scheduling. This accelerate learning platform has the ability to recover course credits, supporting students in meeting their personal academic goals.