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PAD Program

PAD is a district program used for prevention and diversion from drug and alcohol use and abuse by teens. This program teaches students the effects that alcohol and other drugs may have on the mind and body. Additionally the program helps students recognize the consequences of their drug and alcohol use.The goal of PAD is not only to get students to make educated decisions regarding drug and alcohol use but also to make lifestyle changes, identify reasons for drug use and determine if other issues are contributing to their drug use.

Any student attending a high school in the Escondido Union High School District that is found in possession or under the influence for a first time drug or alcohol has the opportunity to attend PAD. The Program for Prevention and Diversion offers students the support and guidance needed to overcome peer pressure and make individual choices. Upon successful completion students will have created an individual support plan and receive a certificate of completion to present to their home high school administrator.

Not all students who use alcohol and/or drugs will develop an addiction but alcohol and drug use have serious negative effects on students whose body and brain are still developing. Therefore, it is very important to follow through with alcohol and drug counseling for all students that are experimenting with substance use.

The Program for Prevention and Diversion (PAD) is located at:

Escondido Union High School District
302 N. Midway Drive
Escondido CA 92027
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday

For further information regarding PAD please contact:

Holly Anderson
Email: [email protected]
P(760) 291-3292
F(760) 739-7520

Community Resources:

  • Mental Health Systems 940 E. Valley Pkwy., Phone: 760-747-0205
  • McAlister Institute Phone: 619-442-0277
  • Aurora Behavior Health 11878 Avenue of Industry, Phone: 1-800-858-565-4228
  • MHS Teen Recovery 340 Rancheros Dr., Phone: 760-744-3672
  • Cannabis Abuse Program 220 S. Broadway Phone: 760-839-4515
  • Palomar Family 1002 E Grand Ave Phone: 760-741-2660
  • Al-Anon/Alateen – Phone: 760-741-7708. On the web at Alcoholics Anonymous San Diego
  • 24 hr Youth Crisis Hotline – Phone: 800-843-5200

Drug & Alcohol Resources: