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SOS Program


The SAFETY OUTREACH FOR STUDENTS PROGRAM (SOS) is a two to five day intervention program designed to teach students about the dangers of engaging in activities that include bullying, harassment, fighting, hazing, and gang involvement. Students will examine how these behaviors can be harmful to themselves and / or others and how the behaviors affect school campus safety. Students will explore and develop new coping skills, learn new strategies for fair conflict resolution, and discuss positive alternatives to unhealthy behaviors by participating in verbal discussion, self-reflection, conflict mediation, and life skills activities.

The goal of SOS is to help students understand how being respectful to others and accepting of others differences creates a positive and safe school environment. In addition, students can use their newly acquired knowledge to help influence their friends and peers in a favorable manner both in and out of school.

Once a student has completed the program he or she will be presented with a Certificate of Completion to be given to their site administrator. Students will also be offered ongoing support depending on each individual’s needs.

The Safety Outreach for Students Program is located at:

Escondido Union High School District
302 N. Midway Drive
Escondido CA 92027
8:30am until 12:30am
Monday through Friday

Contact Information:
Nathan Boelhauf
[email protected]
(760) 291-3001